Adorable Squirrel Videos in the Forest!

Adorable Squirrel Videos from our Trail Cams

We are always thrilled to capture video of squirrels with our trail cams. We have videos of gray squirrels, red squirrels, and even the rare black squirrels!

You can find long form squirrel videos as well as shorts on our Youtube Channel. If you turn the sound on, you’ll be able to hear the squirrels as they scratch around in the leaves.

One moment that we absolutely love is when a squirrel buries an acorn in the ground. It’s really something to see!

Baby Squirrels are called Kits!

Baby Squirrels are called kits and a group of squirrels in a nest is called a “dray”. It’s rare to find a group of squirrels together outside of a nest, but when it happens, that is called a “scurry”.

We’ve never captured footage of a baby squirrel on our trailcams, but maybe we will someday. If we do, we’ll be sure to update this post!

Squirrel Videos on whimsyBirdy’s Youtube Channel

We’ve captured a lot of funny squirrel videos on our Youtube Channel. If you like squirrels as much as we do, please visit our channel and enjoy! We also have many other nature videos available filled with lots of cute, fuzzy, forest animals.

whimsyBirdy Mission

Our mission is to share our love of birds and nature with you and add a little dash of whimsy along the way.

We share bird watching videos and nature videos from our home and surrounding areas on Youtube and we publish bird and nature articles on the whimsyBirdy Blog.

Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and let’s share the love of birds and nature with the world!

Birds are truly one of our greatest treasures here on earth, and we want them to thrive for generations to come. We also want to encourage everyone to develop a deep appreciation for nature and all the amazing animals (including humans!) that live there.

If you would be interested in making a monthly support pledge to help us with our mission, please visit our Patreon Membership Page.

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