Nature Videos with a Dash of Whimsy!

Caterpillar in Nature

We enjoy exploring nature with an eye towards the whimsical side of life.

Our goal with each nature video is to make you smile, help you relax, and reconnect you to the beauty of the natural world.

We hope you enjoy these whimsical nature videos from our collection of whimsyBirdy Youtube Shorts!

A Few of our Favorite Whimsical Nature Videos:

Squirrel Bites the Camera and Runs Away

Baby Bobcat Pounces on his Brother. So Cute!

Adorable Baby Deer Exploring the Forest

Buck Sniffs Hard and Picks up the Scent

Wild Turkeys Jumping a Stone Wall

Fuzzy Caterpillar Going For a Walk

A Very Cool Spider Web

Cute Bunny Running Up that Road

Peaceful Midwinter Sights

Chipmunks Playing Games

Squirrel Dance Video

Bunny Dance Video

Pip the Magic Squirrel (He Escapes Later)

Pip the Magic Squirrel (His Great Escape)

Beautiful Fall Colors

Ready For More Nature Videos?

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We hope you enjoyed our videos!

whimsyBirdy Mission

Our mission is to share our love of birds and nature with you and add a little dash of whimsy along the way.

We share bird watching videos and nature videos from our home and surrounding areas on Youtube and we publish bird and nature articles on the whimsyBirdy Blog.

Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and let’s share the love of birds and nature with the world!

Birds are truly one of our greatest treasures here on earth, and we want them to thrive for generations to come. We also want to encourage everyone to develop a deep appreciation for nature and all the amazing animals (including humans!) that live there.

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Caterpillar Photo by Joshua J. Cotten

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