Short Funny Bird Videos: Our Favorites

Short Funny Bird (Baby Owl)

Everyone loves to laugh and these short funny bird videos from our collection of whimsyBirdy Youtube Shorts are just the thing to get you smiling!

Whenever we review our bird video footage, we’re on the lookout for funny bird moments that we can make into a short clip. We often pick a funny song or sound effect to go with it. Our bird friends have a lot of personality!

A Few of our Favorite Funny Bird Videos:

Birdy Breaks Up a Fight

Tom Turkey Dance Battle

Yoink! Cute Bird Grabs a Snack from Hand

American Crow Gliding with Style!

These Ducks Know How to Boogie!

A Vole and Titmouse Take Turns at the Buffet

Sam the Duck Goes for a Stroll!

Little Duck Pops In for a Visit

Wild Turkeys Trotting Along

Are We Crows? Or Are We Human?

Ready For More Funny Bird Videos?

Want to see more short funny bird videos? Please check out whimsyBirdy Youtube Shorts to view our full collection.

We hope you enjoyed our videos!

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Owl Photo by Ray Hennessy

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