Oriole Bird Feeder: How to Charm an Oriole!

Oriole Looking for Oriole Bird Feeder

Tips on Bringing Home the Orange!

The whimsyBirdy team has a lot of experience with charming orioles and we are excited to share our tips with you!

We’ll cover what these beautiful birds like the most and make some recommendations on an oriole bird feeder that will work for your particular birdy situation.

Orioles are Bold and Beautiful Birds

There’s nothing quite like seeing an oriole land in a nearby tree. Their orange feathers are absolutely striking and your eyes can’t quite process the color at first.

Your first thought is “Who is THAT?!?” when an oriole enters your view.

Orioles have a variety of songs ranging from soothing and sweet to a rapid fire cackle that will really make you sit up and take notice!

These birds are certainly a treasure and you can’t help but wonder how to keep them hanging out nearby as long as you can.

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How to Charm an Oriole with an Oriole Bird Feeder

So how do you charm an oriole? The first thing to know is what orioles like to eat. And they are huge fans of the following treats.

Orioles Love Oranges

This is one of those “truth is stranger than fiction” situations. But, believe it or not, the orange feathered oriole absolutely loves oranges.

Ideally, these would be cut in half so that your birdy friends can easily access the delicious fruit inside.

Orioles Love Grape Jelly

Orioles really seem to have a sweet tooth (beak?). They cherish grape jelly in a way that makes you want to grab some toast and join them.

They are just so happy about it and they will start to request it by calling to you if you feed them consistently.

So, How do you Charm an Oriole?

The secret is to make sure your oriole bird feeder can hold oranges and/or grape jelly. The orioles will be super appreciative and they may even decide to hang out with you all summer.

What Oriole Bird Feeders are Best?

The best oriole bird feeders will allow you to easily showcase orange halves and/or grape jelly. Some of them allow you to put out both in the same feeder and those are really nice.

It’s also great if the feeder has a perch available so it easy for the orioles to land and enjoy their treats.

When scouting out a location for your new oriole bird feeder, consider a spot that is within 12 feet of a bush or small tree. We’ve found that the orioles like to land in a nearby tree and scout out the feeder before trying it out.

It’s also good for them to have a place to quickly escape if a predator appears.

whimsyBirdy Recommendation

So, which one is the best option? Well, that is entirely up to you! There are no wrong answers here and we are just super excited that you’re interested in helping out your local bird population.

At whimsyBirdy, we like to use oriole bird feeders that will hold at least 1 orange half along with grape jelly. We replenish the grape jelly for the entire time that the orioles are living nearby and we put out orange halves as a special treat now and then.

Whatever option you choose, we wish you the best of luck with your new oriole bird feeder!

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Oriole Photo by Ray Hennessy

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