Befriend a Crow and Get a Gift: How to Attract Crows to Your Yard

I’ve always loved ravens and crows. They’re intelligent, cunning, and can be mischievous (which I think is what I love about them!). Really, they’re just adaptive.

So, when I learned that crows can befriend you and bring you SHINY OBJECTS, I thought that was the most perfect thing I’d ever heard. This led me on a quest to befriend the local corvids (which includes the American crow, ravens, and blue jays!) with some peanuts.

I bought many, many a peanut with the hope that one day I, too, would be gifted by crows.

Well, after years of sharing food with my crows, TODAY is that day. I gave them peanuts, cracked corn, and even cat food (my 17 year old cat is a spoiled and finicky eater, thus leading to a ridiculous amount of perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste).

Crow Gift: A Moss Covered Stick

I’m not sure of the exact date, time, or when I started feeding them. But it was months, maybe years, in the making before they bestowed me with a gift. Look at it!! A stick with moss on it!

How to Attract Crows with Three Simple Steps:

  • Good food
  • Consistent time and place
  • Avoid being scary

Good food

As I mentioned I use the cat’s uneaten food. Please do not put out moldy bread. Some food scraps like bread or meat scraps can be used. Make sure you clean it up before dusk if it goes uneaten so it does not feed local raccoons (who are cute but can carry disease amongst other reasons to not feed them!) or other wildlife.

Consistent time and place

Keeping it on a schedule in the same place lets the crows know when to expect the meal. Believe me- they will start looking for it (and you!). I tend to put out their meal early morning before I leave for work. I can hear them squawking in trees when I step out the front door!

Avoid being scary

Ravens and crows are very smart. One of the things that makes them smart is they are wary of change and “unusual” things. So if something makes loud noise, or looks weird to them, they may avoid it! Crows will feel safe if they can predict what’s going on- and introducing new, wild things may scare them.

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