Video of Adorable Baby Bobcats Playing in the Leaves!  So Cute!

Baby Bobcats on our Trail Cams

Whenever we check our whimsyBirdy trail cams, we are hoping to be surprised. When we saw these three adorable baby bobcats following their mother through the woods, we could hardly believe it!

We’ve included the baby bobcat footage in the video above on our Youtube Channel. If you turn the sound on, you’ll be able to hear the mama bobcat meow for the babies and then they follow her. She sounds like a house cat except a bit more serious and sizable.

The baby bobcats listen to their mama, but there’s always time for a little fun along the way. One of the babies hunkers down and waits for his brother in the leaves. Then he pounces!

You can kind of tell that the one that is being hunted is wise to his brother’s antics. After those two dart off, a third baby bobcat (the smallest of the litter) comes walking along in no particular hurry. So cute!

Baby Bobcats Playing

Baby Bobcats Are Called Kittens!

Just like their house cat cousins, mama bobcats have litters of kittens! The size of the litter is usually 2 to 4 and so the 3 bobcat kittens in our video is likely the whole litter.

Unofficial names for baby bobcats include bobkittens, kitts, and Cutie McTufty-Ears. Of course, that last one might just be us!

Bobcat Videos on whimsyBirdy’s Youtube Channel

We’ve captured a lot of bobcat behavior, pictures, and sounds on video on our Youtube Channel. If you like bobcats as much as we do, please visit our channel and enjoy! We also have many other nature videos available filled with lots of cute, fuzzy, forest animals.

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